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Life in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for people seeking a better life in a free, prosperous, multicultural country, and for a good reason. The United Kingdom is suffused with history like nowhere else in the English–speaking world. It is, after all, where it all began – the point zero for the culture and language which dominates our planet. Every outing is a chance to experience this history as you pass iconic homes, estates, churches, and castles.

The UK is about more than what happened centuries ago, though. It’s about what is happening right here and right now. The cultural scene is sizzling hot, with the best music, pubs, and sports teams in the world. Not to mention the museums – English history and art aside, the legacy of the British Empire is astounding.

There are also more prosaic concerns – the British healthcare system provides comprehensive coverage to all legal residents. The National Health Service pioneered free healthcare, a feat unequaled by many other countries in the two generations which followed. It may be free, but it’s not shoddy – Britain leads in health care quality and research, and many procedures and medicines are adopted in the UK years before they complete the gauntlet of FDA approval.

Free medical coverage is not the only thing the UK pioneered – higher education, is also a concept that pretty much originated in the British Isles, and British universities are still kings of the roost – in student life as much as in educational and research achievements. If you are after the best academic experience in the world, you could do much worse than setting your sights on Cambridge and Oxford.

Unlike other destinations, where you might find yourself in a social bubble made of English–speaking ex-pats,today, nearly 15% of Britain’s population comprises people not born in the United Kingdom, and many more are descended from immigrants. Over 40 million visitors land in the United Kingdom annually for business, pleasure, academic or cultural pursuits, so you will also enjoy the experience of bumping into a new accent every day.

Once you are ready to take your nose off the grindstone, academic or career, Britain has some incredible natural sights to offer. Whether you are into country strolls, long treks in the moors, lonely coastline walks or rough and ready alpine hiking, Britain really does have it all – and it is all packed up into one medium sized island, not scattered over a vast continent.

The really great news is that if you work in the UK, you will actually have time to enjoy the sights – unlike certain other countries on the other side of the Atlantic, The United Kingdom has one of the highest qualities of life in the world! The cost of living is on average half the cost of living in the US. Also, the cost of transportation is one of the lowest in all of the western world and is even cheaper than Canada. The United Kingdom has almost an 80% percent employment rate, which is one of the highest globally and a whole 10% more than the global average for western countries. The UK leads the world in wages relative to working hours, meaning that people in the UK receive higher salaries for lower monthly working hours compared to the global average for western countries-. In addition, the UK leads the world in employment for women and is rated almost 10% higher than the worldwide average of high–paying jobs for women in the western world! Work generally ends at the end of the workday, and you get a government–mandated 28 paid days of leave a year. You also get nine unpaid holiday days, and most businesses traditionally shut down between Christmas and New Year – so you will have plenty of time to travel.

But perhaps most important are the people. Welcoming, polite, diverse, warmhearted, and witty as only Brits can be. Disregard tales of reserved standoffish Englishmen – when the work clock ticks off, any Englishman worth his salt loosens up his tie and is ready to party at the local pub. We did mention the pubs, didn’t we?

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